The Botticino is a beige marble that is originally from Italy. However, there are other types of this marble that are extracted in other countries, such as Turkey. The Botticino we promote here is the Turkish Botticino. This is a beige marble, with thin grain and background that may vary from uniform to less uniform. It presents several signs of darker coloured veins, unevenly distributed on its surface.

This Botticino is classified in two categories:
– Botticino Select: a more clean surface, with less vein and more uniform background and colour.
– Botticino Commercial: with more abundance of vein and less uniformity in terms of colour and vein.

  • Botticino Commercial Marble

    Botticino Commercial Marble

  • Botticino Select Marble

    Botticino Select Marble

Extraction Area

The Botticino marble from Turkey is mostly extracted around the city of Diyarbakır, which is located in the Diyarbakır province. This area is located in the southeastern part of Turkey.

Diyarbakır is located near the border with Syria, at about 1500 km southeast of Istanbul and at nearly 1000 km of the capital city of Ankara.