Possible Finishings

Butticino Marble Select


This is by far the most common type of finishing used on the Botticino marble. The polished finishing highlights its natural colour and fine look. The surface is very shiny, with an impressive look.

Butticino Marble Honed


A less common type of finishing, but nonetheless an interesting choice. The honed finishing will show a more uniform colour and less contrast between its elements. It is a preferential choice for cladding.

Butticino Marble Sandblasted and Brushed


Not a preferential type of finishing, the sandblasted finishing is a very special one. It takes away most of the natural beige colour of this marble, but adding a very good anti-slippery surface.

Butticino Marble Bush-Hammered


This type of finishing present a strong corrugated appearance and surface, making the stone quite uniform in terms of look and colour. This is mostly used on flooring, particularly exterior.